New projects for 2013

The release of Ink and other things

We are working on a new production abouth the second world war. Filming starts in november 2013.

New projects for 2012

The national cinema release of Doodslag / Killing

Jotie T'Hooft, a documentary of a Belgium author and Poet, he looked a lot like Jim Morrison of the Doors. Jotie committed suicide in 1977; he was just 21 years old. After all these years his writings are still popular amongst teenagers in Belgium and The Netherlands.

Some productions 2011

Assistant production manager and cameraman at Doodslag. A movie for the Dutch cinema’s that will be released in 2012.

Guest professor for filming colleges, at the Fontys University of applied science.

Hospital western, a production for the Amsterdam University Medical Centre.

A documentary about Henk Schiffmacher, the tattoo king of Amsterdam who is building the first tattoo museum in the world! Henk is famous around the world; among his friends are the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

In association with Frans Bromet we work on a documentary series for the national television about professions and crafts industry that are vanishing in this century.

A film about the Johan Cruijff University in Tilburg.

48 Hour film project film, for the film festival of Breda. With a team we made a short movie in 48 hours, which was shown on the festival.

Greetings from Delft. In association with the Technical University of Delft, Prof. PhD MSc Rini van Solingen and a number of international guests we made 26 films concerning: production teams, software development, cooperating teams across continents, etc…

  1. kwaliteit

  2. Origineel

  3. vakmensen

  4. professioneel

  5. snel en goed

  6. kunst en cultuur

Henk de Velde, the never ending voyage! A DVD production of 75 minutes concerning the trip that Henk made around the world for the last three years on his boat. Have a look at the trailer.

Biesboschvolk, a cooperation between Rinus Rasenberg and Hadsiekiedee.tv. A film of 30 minutes was released. The film was made in the national park Biesbosch. News around this project was published in several newspapers

Some productions 2010

DVD production of 40 minutes, for the Tietze patient association concerning the syndrome of Tietze


The power of Scrum, promotion and training film, presented at the launching of the book The power of Scrum in Amsterdam. This movie was also released in the USA.

Oot Kwisien, a trailer of the literary theatre show of Vitalski and Bart van Loo

Bang Bang Bazooka, Burn Bobby Burn, a video clip made for this Rock `n' Roll band that plays around the globe

Secret of the sunflower, two episodes of 50 minutes made for the national broadcasting company NCRV. This production was broadcasted the national television (1 and 8 March). This documentary was a cooperation with Frans Bromet, a Dutch cinematographer. The documentary is about the municipal Council elections in the town of Nuenen

Jacob Roggeveen, in association with Peter Sijnke the town archivist of Middelburg we are working on a film and book about Jacob, the discoverer of Easter Island how was born and buried in the town of Middelburg

Charles Darwin, a range documentaries concerning Charles Darwin. These programs were made in the Darwin year, for the Humanist broadcasting company

On the road to Moermansk